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Fall River Towing Service provides roadside assistance like towing, fuel delivery, battery jumps, flat tire change, and more for the Fall River city area.

Over the years, our team of towing pro’s have resolved hundreds of different types of roadside emergencies and issues. Whether someone broke down on the side of the highway, had a flat, got in a wreck, got stuck in the mud, or needed any of our other roadside services, we’ve always been able to provide the service they needed. Experience matters in a business like ours, and we’ve got a lot of it. 

If you’re stranded and need a towing in Fall River MA, call us right away at the number above. The sooner we get your call the sooner a trained professional will be pulling up with the equipment and skills you need to get back on the road again. Time is precious, and waiting hours for a tow truck service is not fun. Our customers never regret calling us when we respond quickly, promptly, and professionally. Don’t take the chance on a sub-par service that might leave you waiting for an hour or more. 

Fall River Towing Service is know for its highly competitive prices, quick & quality service, and excellent value. Call us now to help on the way immediately.

* Rates depend on specific situation details such as special equipment needs and so on. All our prices are given quickly and are obligation free, so call ASAP Towing Fall River MA time of the day or night to get a quick response. Telephone: 508-444-8160.

Searching for “towing near me”, “tow truck near me”, “wrecker service near me” or “roadside assistance near me” or “towing fall river ma”? Fall River TS provides complete roadside assistance service all over the Fall River area. Our hotline is always up and we’re always taking calls, so contact us right away if your need is urgent. All our services are available 24 hours a day, rain or shine, holidays and weekends. 

Towing Service Fall River MA

towing fall river ma


☒ IMPOUNDED VEHICLES: We are unable to provide ANY information regarding an impounded vehicle. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot help you with; however, please contact the Fall River Police Department and they should be able to help. Their number is 508-676-8511.

☒ PRIVATE LOT TOWING: We require a contract in order to provide this service. Setting up a contract with us is very quick and easy so just call us at 508-444-8160 in order to set one up. 

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Why We're #1 For Towing Service in Fall River

#1. Fast Service, Affordable Service, Great Service.

Time flies when you’re having fun, but not so much when you’re stranded on the side of the road. As time crawls by, waiting over an hour for a tow truck can feel like days. We completely understand the general frustration, annoyance, and stress that car trouble causes and the urgency you feel to get back on the road quickly. We treat every call as an urgent matter of paramount importance, and after your safety, speed of service is our number one goal. 

Our 24 hotline never sleeps, so call us at 508-444-8160 right away and we’ll get a pro dispatched to you right away. The sooner you call the sooner you’ll be back on your way.

#2. 24 Hour Tow Truck Experts

Here at Fall River Towing Service, we work exclusively with the most experienced towing operators in the area. Over the years they’ve honed and developed their expertise with countless hours of experience in handling every situation possible. You can have complete confidence that whatever your situation is, our guys will know the best course of action.

Experience matters for many reasons. First, they know the city like the back of their hands. They’re well aware of all the common traffic issues that can arise and all the shortcuts and tricks to getting somewhere faster. As a result, they’ll arrive quicker. Secondly, an experienced tech like one from tow company Fall River will spend less time figuring the situation out because they’ve probably seen one just like it a hundred times in the last year alone. Thirdly, their expertise can save you money. It’s not terribly uncommon for an amateur tow truck operator damaged a car while loading it (damage you might not discover for months and be untraceable), but our experienced pro’s never do and no professional at a towing service in Fall River MA really ever should. After handling thousands of tows and calls, our guys have the experience and skills to handle it all.

#3. Top Notch Tools

Equipment and tool maintenance are often overlooked in the field of tow service as busy as ours, but it can make a big difference. A malfunction can pose a serious threat to the safety of those around the tow truck, to the roadside service provider, and to the vehicle being serviced. Maybe you’ve even seen a tow truck being towed by another tow truck! Imagine if that truck had been one the way to a call and now those poor folks had to wait ANOTHER hour. 

Bottom line, we take the maintenance of our vehicles seriously, and work hard to ensure their excellent condition.

#4. Value = Prices/Quality

Nobody has the exact same idea of value, but in an industry with a lot of urgency and time constrictions, here’s our idea of it. Great value is a high quality service that gets the job done right (but doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles you don’t want to pay for), arrives quickly, and does so at a competitive price. 

The way we see it at towing in Fall River MA, if you go too far to the cheap side you get an amateur service that takes forever to arrive, provides low quality service, but it’s dirt cheap. Although you probably will wait for hours and you might not be happy with your service, at least it was cheap. On the other hand, you’ve got the really expensive service that sends out an overqualified truck and charges you for all those bells and whistles. Sure, the quality was good and the speed was probably alright, but you spent a lot extra. 

Our goal is to stand right in the middle of that spectrum. By providing fast, quality services at really competitive prices, we believe we offer the best of both worlds. Add to that our five star customer experiences, and you can understand why we’re ranked so highly in our community. You can always count on us. We’re the top rated tow company Fall River MA. So if you’re looking for towing services near me, give us a ring.

#5. A Local Fall River Towing Company

We’re not a big corporate company that has a branch nearby that services our area and many others. Fall River Towing Service is a LOCAL company based in Fall River, MA. Rather than sending money out of our economy by hiring a big corporate company, when you hire us you’re keeping it in our local economy. Our towing operators are Fall River natives, live here, spend their money here, and raise their kids here. Plus, you can get all our roadside services quickly, effectively, and affordably because we keep our overhead low.

Top Notch Customer Service

When you’re proud of what you do and believe you make a difference, it instills in you a discipline and strong sense of value. Our team of tow truck operators work intense hours that can vary wildly and demand them to drop everything and go in a heartbeat. That isn’t always easy, but the feeling of accomplishment and helping someone out after a call is always worth it. If you’re looking for towing near me, don’t hesitate.

We understand the stress of having car trouble, and we take every call seriously. From the instant we get your call, our mission is to get you back on your way safely and quickly. We hope that we’ll earn your glowing recommendation and that you’ll think of us if you ever have car trouble in our area again. That’s what we call five star customer experience. Customer service matters a lot when you’re needing a towing service in Fall River. 

Fast Quality Service at Competitive Rates

Pricing is a big factor in choosing a towing service, and we understand why. We all want a deal and we respect that. 

In the field of roadside assistance, prices can be deceptive. There’s a big different between a quality service and an amateur service. Having to call for their location repeatedly and getting the same answer of “on our way,” or “almost there” each time is not something you should have to do. Not to mention the chances of your vehicle being damaged in the process. And after an hour or more of waiting, that $15 in savings is going to be the last thing on your mind. 

We focus on making your service as affordable as possible while maximizing these three things:

1) Safety

2) Quality

3) Speed of Service

Years of Experience

Over the years we’ve provided every roadside assistance service out there at all times of the day and night and in all weather. Tire changes, fuel delivery, wrecker service, winching service, tow truck service, and so many more. We’re the go-to tow company in Fall River.

If you’re stranded, don’t delay any longer. Call our number below to get help quickly.

24 Hour Towing Service

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Fall River Roadside Assistance

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Call Our Roadside Assistance HOTLINE

Three tips on maintaining your car in the winter

During the cold weather season, it is very important to maintain your car in order to prevent some serious damage. Low tire pressure, frozen fuel or other damages that are caused by extreme weather can be easily skipped if you follow these three simple rules.

Rule number 1- winter tires

Replace your tires for winter tires. They are recommended not only for the snow but also when the temperatures are low. Make sure that the trades on your tires are deep enough, if they are not, you should get a new set. Stopping and turning on the cold or icy ground is much safer and easier with proper tiers. Another information you should always keep in mind is that tire pressure drops with every 10- degree temperature drop. You should check tire pressure at least once in two weeks, to prevent your tires from tearing down or losing traction on the icy road. This will save you time when it comes to calling a tow service literally down the road!

Rule number 2 – check all the fluids

Always check your antifreeze level during winter. It is extremely important in order to prevent possible freezing in the engine cooling system. Cooling system contains water, so adding an equal amount of antifreeze liquid should stop the water from freezing and causing further damage. You can test your antifreeze strength and get the information about the lowest temperature your engine can handle without freezing. Your cooling reservoir should be filled to the proper level. 

Maybe you have already heard that you should keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter season, and there are several reasons for that. A full tank will prevent water from freezing in the fuel pump. Also, if some unexpected emergency on the road happens or you get stuck due to a snowstorm, a full tank will keep you safe and warm for hours inside your vehicle.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is your car’s window defroster, which will inhibit the formation of ice on your windows. Windshield wiper fluid should be the one with a de-icing component inside and meant to be used in lower temperatures.

Rule number 3- check your battery and lights

Before the cold months start, testing your car’s battery is a good idea. The battery should be strong enough to handle long and cold winter months. Having a weak or bad battery inside your vehicle increases the risk of a breakdown somewhere in the cold, where you won’t be able to start your car again. 

Lights are also very important since daylight during winter lasts much shorter. All your exterior lights should work perfectly, so a wise thing to do is checking them before the winter starts. If there are some lights out of function, you should replace them on time. Driving in the dark on bad weather or icy road can be very dangerous. Imagine driving througha really bad weather conditions where not enough lights make the situation even worse to handle. Also, keep in mind cleaning your lights from ice and snow, before you even start the engine, if there is a need to do so. 

Maybe the best advice is to get a basic car service before the cold hits. Your mechanic will check the vehicle and take care of everything that needs to be done so you can safely drive during winter days. That option may cost a little bit more, but it’s definitely worth it. Some repair shops offer discounted “winter checks”, so you can also search for that option. Safety should always be your main concern, so whether you choose to do it yourself or leave it to a professional, checking your car and fixing it before the cold days is a good idea. The last thing you want to do is have to do is find yourself googling cheapest tow truck near me because of a dead battery!

For any more tips like this, check out our sister site in Purvis, Mississippi: Purvis towing

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“I’m not ashamed to say I’m poor LOL I needed the cheapest towing near me! Happy with my tow and the price. I’ll be back but hopefully not TOO soon.” – Rudy

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