24 Hour Flat Tire Service in Fall River

Fall River Flat Tire Assistance

If you’ve got a flat or just had a blowout, the first priority is your health and safety. Pull away from the road into onto a safe, stable area with room to work. If you’re on the side of the highway, turn your hazards on and do your best to got far off the road. If it’s dark, do your best to carefully pull into a well lit area with other people. Don’t exit your vehicle unless you feel safe doing so. 

Just stay inside, lock your doors, and call us right away at the number below. We’ll take your call and dispatch a tow truck in Fall River to you right away. We handle a large volume of flat tire assistance calls and we’ll get you back on your way quickly and painlessly. 

For the fastest response times, call our hotline at 508-444-8160. Click the number to dial if you’re on your phone. 

Fall River ma flat tire assistance

Fall River Flat Tire Assistance

Fall River Ma Towing Service

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Car Trouble Sucks, We Can Help.

The team at Fall River Towing Service understands how much stress car trouble, a wreck, or being locked out of your car can cause. We get it, and it’s our mission to help ease it as much as possible by getting your day back on track fast. We’ve built our stellar reputation for fast service at competitive prices by responding to each call as if it’s our number priority. Regardless of your situation, you can relax and have peace of mind knowing that a towing and roadside assistance professional is on his way.

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